Pain Coach and apps

Like we need a pain coach........... In any event avaiable now for both iphone and play store is web md's pain coach excellent app for dialing in control...........

Your doc will love the chsrts. I PROMISE.

This is great Lamb! If you don’t mind, I am going to add the apps that I have used.

This one is my favorite. It’s called MyRA. I know it’s available on iTunes, but don’t know about google. Even though its for RA, it tracks all of the same symptoms, has a place for your current meds, and you can export it and either email it to your doc, or print a nice report.

I use this App for my IBS symptoms. It’s called mySymptoms and tracks your diet and GI symptoms. It’s really nice for that. If you are trying to track foods that may be triggers for PsA, it would work really well for that too. This also has the option to export your report and print or email it.

Both of the above apps are made to work well with the iPhone, but I use them on my iPad and simply enlarge them. I am positive that MyRA is free, but I think I paid for mySymptoms. It wasn’t much, I think no more than $2.00.

This next one is really extensive. It’s called My Medical. I am positive I paid for this one,but it wasn’t much. Maybe a few dollars. This one will keep your ENTIRE medical history. It is excellent. It takes a while to complete, but is really user friendly. I keep my info here and print a report for each new doctor. I take a lot of meds and there are never enough spaces on the forms from the docs’ offices!

I did get another App called My Pain Diary HD, but I haven’t used it a whole lot. It’s a little harder to use, and is much more involved than the MyRA app. I’m not as happy with it, but you might like it better for your pain symptoms.

If anyone has any apps they like, just add them to the discussion!

I really need to look into these!