Pain Management Teams

At long last I've been referred to the local Clinical Health Psychology Service for a Pain Management Course (have repeatedly asked to be referred since 2011!) I know some people find it useful and some don't. I'm more than willing to try anything that might help. The assessment is long as you're seem by a Clinical Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist and a nurse specialist who the decide what help they think you require and the adjust the 8 session course to your personal needs. That all sounds a great holistic approach so I'm crossing my fingers that they can "walk the walk" as well as "talk the talk!"

Does anyone have any experiences of this sort of approach?

THAT IS WONDERFUL NEWS!!!!! Do they have a pain rehab option? The success rates with these programs are amazing. In the intensive US programs over 70% eliminate pain meds and 96% are returning to work. (I am not refering to pain management Practices - the two are way different) Finally the focus is on the patient and not the disease. We have finally learned that pain meds and steroids further damage an already compromised autoimmune system making autimmune disease worse.

Louise, you are an ideal candidate and will succeed, just remember any "poles" you may see at the center are there to hold the building up......... You don't want to be diverted to the "other" rehab or crackers dept.

LOL! Yes Lamb I have found that I can now walk past a post without swinging my legs around it…that my be something to do with the fact my shoulder didn’t like sat nights antics at all! I’m really excited about the pain management route, especially as I’ve now been given a definite diagnosis of secondary fibro. These programs are quite hard to get on and I haven’t yet got a firm date but its in the offing so I’m chuffed :slight_smile:
I’ll let you know how the program is set up and what options are as I get there :slight_smile:

I'm definitely all in favor of a pain management approach as opposed to pills upon pills upon pills. Lamb is absolutely correct in saying that steroids and pain meds are doing further damage down the road.

My body has shown me many different times it can't handle pills like some bodies can. After having severe stomach pain and possible stomach bleeding from naproxen sodium, severe cramps from adult multiple vitamins, extreme dry mouth from Nortriptyline with vitreous detachment in both eyes happening while taking that, pain all over my body from lipitor for high cholesterol, now recently irritation somewhere in my intestines with some bleeding after taking a couple weeks of high doses of nsaids--obviously, I can't take many pills. My husband, on the other hand, swallows a couple handfuls of pills every day for all sorts of ailments and never has a reaction....well, his reaction is obesity and kidney function at 50%. He's been recommended for pain management, but refused it.

I've noticed lately that some of my PsA symptoms are coming back--after I had such a good start on Enbrel.... and I'm concerned that my heavy use of nsaids for two and a half weeks for my back has caused this!

I will definitely do exactly what you're doing, Louise, if we can't get my back and other pain under control. Actually, I've stopped taking ibuprofen due to what happened a few days ago, and am trying to manage my pain with the heat and stretches alone.

I think you're on the right track!

Fab news, Louise! Good for you, pursuing this option.

Quick update…had my first contact with the pain management service and was invited to a 2 hour meeting where the process is explained. Was really impressed with the relaxed atmosphere and the staff involved with the service ( one is my OT who taught me shibashi tai chi). Have been given my first “homework” … 10 questions to ponder about what my expectations are.

So first hurdle over just waiting for the actual assessment appointment, but have been warned its a long waiting list as the funding is not available for more that 3 courses a year.

Noted that their motto is " from patient to person"

That does all sound very positive! I’m glad that you got in and that things are moving. This interesting, Louise: I’m sure I’m not the only one looking forward to hearing what they do and whether it helps you.

Wow, love the motto! The program sounds like there's tons of potential there. Good luck to you!

Wonderful!!! What a great team of caregivers to have on your side!!

I’m pleased to say I’ve now got to the assessment stage of being accepted on the programme. Tomorrow I have the appointment :slight_smile: Here’s hoping

Lol forgot to update.
I had a very thorough assessment, both physically and my mental attitude to my conditions…and I’ve been accepted on to the programme! :slight_smile:
Its a slow process and the course I’ll start isn’t until September but I’m looking forward to it. As far as I can gather the course will consist of 8, 2 hour sessions and several one to one sessions depending on what my needs are :slight_smile:

That's great, Louise, a long journey but one which will hopefully pay dividends for you :)

Wow!you weren't kidding when you said that programs like this are hard to get in to. You realize it'll be a year since you first found the program? It must be good. Fingers crossed for you...well, sort of crossed...actually, more like really close together.

Lol! I know a long LONG time, I’ve worked with some of the OTs before as they were the ones who taught me Tai Chi and also made my resting hand splint, and I’ve been very impressed with their care. I’ll take “really close together” grumpy, thanks :slight_smile:

So Peeps
Don’t faint…I started the Pain Management Course Tuesday!!
Not really quite sure what to think of it yet but can say that the team running the course are really nice and I can talk easily with all of them.
The others on the course (about 15 of us) are, as yet, an unknown quality. I have spoken to a few and have formed some opinions watching body language and general comments, but I will definitely change my seat next time as I seemed to be sitting next to “Ms No one has it as bad as me” which I know sounds mean but I hate being surrounded by so much negativity.
And they gave us homework!! Exercise related, we have to keep an exercise diary, so far mine says…Stretched in bed, got out of bed :wink: no its ok, I jest.
So I’m not sure on the content of the course but it seems to be based on Acute pain is where you have reason for pain for example an injury, chronic pain is where the injury has healed but your brain is reading the messages from you body as…OMG!! This is pain!! and basically freaks out. We will be taught to eliminate the suffering the pain causes, to enable us to get on with living our lives, albeit with pain but able to manage it better. Now, I know this is often the case with things like fibro, as I’ve researched this as part of my look into my own conditions. But not sure how the idea works when you have on going joint damage; is that Chronic or Acute?! I could see quite a few people getting annoyed but no one said anything. I will ask but thought I save it for the specialist pain nurse next week. The psychology behind pain I found fascinating and, as you’ve probably guessed the people watching is captivating!

I have tried to look one of these courses in my area and only come up with pain clinics. Is there another name for this that I might find it under?

A year??? I'm dumfounded! But so glad it seems promising.

I think the psychology of pain is fascinating too. I allegedly have a high pain threshold. But, thinking about it, I reckon I don't tense up so much if I consider pain relatively harmless. And that's how I see any pain I get these days as the meds would seem to be protecting my joints etc. Natural childbirth was pretty much pain free for me ... it was my third time & as it all went so well there was nothing to fear. The previous birth had been agony but then so many things were going wrong & I was terrified.

I do find toothache unbearable & I've noticed that other folk who otherwise have high pain thresholds say the same thing. I almost wonder if that's in anticipation of the drills and wotnot? The only time I've been a complete quivering jelly with PsA pain was sitting in the dentist's chair .....

I hope this course goes really well for you.

Rebel mom, I’m not sure what else it may be called elsewhere. I was referred by my Rheumatologist so you may find your docs may know of this type of thing, and can advise. Its Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) based with a ACT idea which stands for Accept - Choose - Take action. Don’t ask me how this works because, at the moment its all mumbo jumbo to me! But I do like to try different things and intend to be open to the experience and gain what I can. As its run by the Psychology Service you may find that Google may throw up some ideas.

Sybil, yep a whole year!! :slight_smile:
I too have been told that I have a high pain threshold, not sure if that helps or hinders to be honest, but know my dentist remarks on it each time I go. My secret there is to shut my eyes and try and separate what is happening from the inner me, so im sort of not there. You’re so right about being less tense helps, as far as my pain goes I generally don’t let it stop me doing things and its just part of me now, and if it comes along with me so be it. Anytime I’m having a good pain day its a blessing. So maybe I’m well on my way to the acceptance of pain. I think I need more work on not being rude and frustrated with myself. We are going to be introduced to mindfulness which I know has helped a lot of people here, so looking forward to that.
Will keep you posted :slight_smile:

Louise, this is such great news to hear, and do keep us posted. I’d be like you, watching the reactions of the others on the course. Most interesting!
So how often do you go to the course? Do you get time of work to do it? And when do you graduate? (That Seenie is full of questions!)
Finally, are there any interesting architectural features (like poles) in the classroom? LOL

In Georgia, pain management is no more than the DEA trying bust people. One guy took a urine test. He was arrested because he had pot in his system. As fo r myself, I pee for no one!