Need more tlc

I wish I had more support from my husband.When I try to talk to him about my PSA its like he just does not want to hear it. Some times he thinks he knows more then a doctor and it makes me so mad. He starts you just need to exercise well I would love to but when you can hardly walk due to pain it don't work to good. Or if I say my back is hurting he say's his is to well I wish my pain was like his at least he sleeps all night. To sleep all night what a vage memory.

Oh IL-Gal I wish I had a dollar for every time one of us has said this about our loved ones or friends. It is so frustrating because so much of the time we are struggling with an invisible disease, we look great on the outside but inside we're screaming. To help me explain it to my friends I wrote a letter which I shared with them, here is what I said It's well overdue the addition of a post script! Do you think something like this might help your husband understand a bit better? If nothing else writing it out can be very cathartic.

Regarding sleeping, alot of us here take low doses of amitriptylene a couple of hours before bed as this helps muscles relax, reduces nerve pain and makes you sleepy. For me, best of all, if I do wake it helps stop me from becoming too awake so I'm able to drop off again with ease. Do tell your doctor/rheumy that sleeping is a problem and ask what there is they can do to help.

Aw, IL-Gal, I can so relate! My husband ALWAYS has more pain than me. I wish I had counted all the times recently he called my attention to his foot and then his hand since they started hurting. I understand he has bad pain and swelling, and if it is RA or Lyme Disease or whatever, I'm sure it's serious, but he mentions the pain at least 20 times a day.
So, I'm limping around on my sore feet-it's very obvious I have pain. Yet, if I say anything about the pain, he's like, what? Your feet still hurt? No, I just limp cuz I think it's cute! As far as I'm concerned there's no point constantly telling him it hurts. He can't fix it anyway, and is so concerned about his own pain, I'm pretty sure he could care less how I feel. He even orders me around, well in the form of a request minus please or thank you.

I blame this on his upbringing--I won't even go into that! I'm not looking for sympathy, but would like acknowledgement or understanding that things are difficult for me when I have pain (haha, which is 90% of the time).
Maybe you and I need a different approach. If you figure one out, please let me know!