Our neanderthal genetic makeup to blame!

fascinated by genetic basis of psoriasis - see LA times article www.latimes.com/opinion/opinion-la/la-ol-neanderthals-africa-dna-"

Ha ha -love it !! been fascinating reading about this- I love this ...Neanderthals had larger brains than modern humans, cared for the sick and elderly, buried their dead, wore jewelry in the form of painted sea shells, crafted musical instruments, and gave us hybrid vigour -buried their dead on their sides, in fetal position, covered in flower petals, according to some analyses. Looking forward to discovering my Neanderthal DNA - it turns out it is cold adapted Neanderthal DNA to blame for psoriasis,MS,Crohns, ADD, Huntingdons... I feel so much of this...no wonder resistant starch in winter makes me happy !!!

Very true about the image makeover!!! The truth is we are all basically share the vast majority of our genome- but for subtle differences which may have more implications for our individual health and wellbeing.The fact the HLA - B27 correlation with our Neanderthal genetic heritage and the family of inflammatory illness of which Psa ,Crohns, AS I find also interesting...and the Type 2 diabetes/ Neanderthal ...oh and I'm sure SAD- as in seasonal affective disorder..type depression will have some genetic correlation ....just going back to hibernate for a few hours whilst this next storm comes in !!!!