I took photos last week on Friday. The day after photographing the concert I couldn’t move at all. It’s gotten a little better but it still hurts more than usual. This pain is getting out of hand and I can’t even take aleve for it ): Tylenol doesn’t help much either. I’m tired of hurting. I’m tired of not being able to sleep cause I’m hurting so much. And it’s way to hot outside to use a heating pad /:


I’m hoping it goes away soon as well. I will take your advice and post this in the discussions and see what people reccomend for dealing with the pain

I am fortunate & live in a state that has MMJ. That is the only thing that I use for pain & recommend.It works better than any prescribed pill or OTC I have taken.

I also put sunscreen on my hands and feet and let them get a daily UV/Heat blast and it really helps. My toes and fingers are really bad. I live with pain everyday & night is worse. MMJ before bed is what gets me through the night so I can sleep. The joint pain seems to double at night.

Charger73, I’m kind of scared about mmj. Yes it does work for some people but it has a chance or so I’ve heard of increasing anxiety. I don’t think my mom would be to thrilled with that haha

Hi kitty,
Have you talked to your Rhuemy? Sometimes they will give a steroid shot to get you thru the rough spots. Are you on a DMARD or a biological?