Anyone on it? Has it helped? I was just diagnosed today and I have been on Orencia. …Otezla. .Mtx…Humira and now back to Otezla. It worked great the first time around but once I hit 30mg it made me vomit!! Now after Humira my doctor says I don’t have to take the whole 30mg of Otezla.

I couldn't stand the nausea and bowel problems. I'd rather be in pain from arthritis than nauseated all the time. And it won't end "when you have the baby"!

I tried it once but once I hit 30mg twice a day all I did was throw up!!! But I’m trying it once more because I’m at wits end with the other biologic meds that didn’t work. He said I don’t have to take the full dosage so I’m going to try that!! I never got the bowel problems just the vomiting!!! Blahhhh