I read previous posts on Otezla but they were pretty old. Any recent experiences with it? I'm still on MTX and failed remicaide, Enbrel, other biologics.

Any success? Side effects bearable?

I have been on Otezla since June. I do think that it is helping. I too have failed Remicade, Enbrel and Simponi. I am also on MTX 25mg injection weekly. The only side effect I have had with Otezla is nausea. I have to take Zofran from time to time but it helps. I love that it is daily dosing. With all other treatments, it would seem that the week before they were due, I would REALLY know it. I definitely recommend trying it. I still have daily pain, but overall I think it is an improvement.

This has been the wonder drug for me. Failed on biologics and supplemental drugs. Infusion therapy was next on my list. Bleeding lesions a thing of the past. My skin is NORMAL (except for a few scars from years of P). Slight “dandruff” is that is left. I went from Tramadol daily just to try and get by to only having to use it 4 times in as almost as many months (when I overdid it). One small flare so far. I am a little stiff when sleeping, but not n pain where I am up all night.

Dr doesn’t know why I and a few of his other “hopeless” patients - for which no combo seems to work for very long - are responding to this drug. But we are not complaining.

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Wow, Candi, isn’t that amazing! I’m so glad for you. It just goes to show that you never know when you’re going to strike it lucky in this game. You say that your doc has more non-responders who are doing well on Otezla?

Thanks for posting the good news.

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Hello Candi, my doctor has told me the same thing. Some of his patients were unresponsive to well established psoriasis treatments. Then that doctor suggested Otezla and it changed the game. That is why I'm on Otezla myself. He though that there were minimal risks trying out this medication.


I have been on Otezla for nearly a year now. Per my doctor, the drug is still new and the way the molecule is absorbed might make you feel like a begining-of-diarrhea every time you ingest the pill; that lasts for approximately 1-2 months, after that your body adapts and it feels fine. Some people describe it as 'gas' discomfort... well for me it was like my intestines were wrestling with a fierce opponent! That was exhausting and dragged me down - kind of as if I felt depression - which can also be one of the side effects. After 1-2 months, that'll settle.

For me, it just works. Less inflammation, less flare ups, my nails aren't separating from my fingers no more and pain has diminished 3-folds. Anytime that my mail-delivered Otezla fails to get here in time, I get huge flare ups and when the medicine finally gets delivered: I feel the improvement within the first week.

Oddly enough, I didn't feel that it was really doing much good to me when I first started the treatment. But when I had to stop it (no delivery), I understood how much it was helping me. I cannot have life quality anymore without it.

Lately, that is one year after I began the treatment, I'm having flare ups in new fingers and my nails are getting brownish again. I think I'll need to review my options with my doctor. I guess I'd do it all over again, due to very little side effects associated to it. One of the side effects (on me), is that my skin is very sensitive to sun poisoning now. If I mow the lawn for an hour in the sun for example, I can guarantee I'll have wicked chills the following night and sometimes bad nausea.

I hope this helps Jo, it really helped me and there are very few side effects that vary from little to none. Good luck!

My Rheum is suggesting Otezla in addition to the Meloxicam I'm already taking - before moving on to anything else (newly diagnosed, but been living with the pain for 20+ years).

I'm excited to try something new!

I do have a question for anyone who has CA Blue Shield and/or Anthem Blue Cross - any luck or problems getting this approved? Doc indicated it might not be covered?

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