Oh so naughty!

I returned home yesterday after a lovely few days in Londons Covent Garden, exhausted but happy. My son informed me that while I was away my 6 month old kitten had bought home some ‘presents’ so there I was thinking he’d changed his preference from sqidgy worms to something else, and Yes he had…other peoples sausages! Now there’s nothing us English like more than a good old British banger (slang for sausage) and Clive has been helping himself to those of my neighbours! All fresh, good quality, all completely different, his total is 4 so far! Oh so naughty kitty!

That is too much! How is he getting a hold of them? I had a cat that I nursed through a coma (my Dad was a vet) and after she recovered she resumed hunting, she was a good huter. But now instead of eating her prey she lined them up in front of the door. Each little mouse/mole creature was on it's own leaf plate and each had a green and a brown grass or plant thing on it. They were all decorated the same with the same funny plant decoration on them. I have never seen anything like it. They were like little canapes lined up in front of the door. Every day there were 3-4. She did it for the remainder of her life. I figure it was ether a thank you for the IV fluids and feeding her by stomach tube. Or maybe it was just brain damage during the coma. I just don't know!

My sons first though were that the sausages had been thrown out but they were all fresh with no dried ends, they were also raw! He had no intention of eating them as he just took them to his favourite hidy hole and watched them. I’m thinking he thought they were massive worms and he was waiting for them to wiggle (he loves to bring big fat juicy garden worms in) Some sausages have fork pricks as if they were laying ready fo cooking so we can only suppose he sneaked into peoples kitchens and pinched them!

How sweet of your cat to have bought such beautiful presents for you, I’d like to believe they were a thank you for all your nursing care :slight_smile:

Ok, trust my kleptomaniac kitten to cheer me up…he’s just backed in through the cat flap with a new ‘Whiskers’ cat treat pot !! …and it doesn’t belong to either of my immediate neighbours

What is a "Whisker" cat treat pot?

Its a pot full of little cat nibbles made my a large company who calls all the cat food it produces ‘whiskers’. The pot is bright pink, shaped like a cats head about 4 inches long by 2 inches wide and about 1 1/2 inches deep…it was hilarious to see his little tabby behind hanging in the kitchen as he struggled to get the pot in…he was so smug! “Look what I found Mum!”

We have it here! Mine is a slender blue pot! Too funny I can't believe it is the same company!

Reading about your kitty’s antics made me grin from ear to ear! Thank you for sharing your cat tales!