Oh crap!

Finally 6 months after Christmas and I have finally taken my Christmas decorations out from my living room and down to Storage. I'm going to be paying for this over the next week.

Well JJ, you might as well just left them up! LOL! Isn't it terrible, the lack of ambition?

Gee and I was feeling bad that I only did mine last month...ha ha. I hope it doesn't affect you to badly.

I hear you, JacksonJ. I have to put an air conditioner in my window...will pay in the back and knees! But hey, at least for you the Christmas decorations are down now!

I've found that I'm learning (slowly) to compensate on tasks like this. For instance, I used to plant my plants farther away from the house and had to lug that HEAVY watering can around in the hot sun...uh-un, not anymore. Now I plant right by the house and use the hose. What I'm getting at is that maybe in the future you could put up fewer decorations...or put them someplace that's easier to get down...or leave them up by putting up something like white lights that can be used year round as pretty decorative outdoor lights. Learning flexibility on these tasks makes them more manageable. It's a good way to get around the holidays.

Sorry, wasn't clear enough, the decorations were in Bins that were sitting in my livingroom. They had to go back to our storage locker in our apartment. Our apartment isn't really big enough for everyone and these bins were taking up too much space for 6 months.

Today was not as expected. I woke up with little pain and was walking without my cane. Might be signs that meds are starting to work.

Have none of you ever heard of Christmas in July?

JacksonJ, nevermind the bins, hoorah for your relatively pain free day! Congratulations if the meds are working!

What we really need are teletransporters for those bins and stuff...

I swear it, tntlamb, if I see a Christmas ornament in July, I'm going to blame you! And I'm not so sure that stores won't try and sneak them out that early.

Just a minute everyone, I will be right back, I need to go take my Christmas decorations down. Be right back.

If you guys just hold out a few more days.... You can breathe an audible sigh of relief with your neighbors etc and "whew, glad to get that done instead of waiting to the last minute. NOW I can really enjoy the season this year" and you guys can say "its going to be a lot more fun sitting inside watching the game watching the rest of you hanging from the roof in a snow storm hanging your lights"

I live out of town and have had my lights up for years..... I just tell folks coming out for the first time I'll turn on the Christmas lights so you can find the house....

LMBO @ Lamb!!!! That is the way to do it...LOVE IT!!