Is it normal for my left hand and fingers to go numb?

When do they do it???

No, it’s not normal! But it can happen with PsA. Still, you need to see your doc about that.

My issue was numbness and tingling in my feet. They thought it might be diabetic neuropathy, except that I don’t have diabetes. The nerve conduction study suggested that it was a function of swelling of the structures in the foot that were interfering with the nerves. It’s getting better now that I am on Enbrel.
Check with your doc!

It just did it for the first time a couple of hours ago, but I’m not doing well today.

If it just "did it" and weren't doing anything involving your arm (hammering exercising, slicing dicing etc etc CAL YOUR DOCTOR immediately.Purse your lips tight and blow hard try not to let air out of either side. iIf it comes out the left side call the paramedics.

On the other hand if you took a nap and slept on your left side, woke up that way, were using the arm etc its likely you have a little bit of inflammation in the acromion or in the acromioclavicular joint which is a very common inflammation point for PsA. It effects the wrist but also the fingers.

I'm sorry I can't remember what you are doing for treatment but its does sound inflammatory.

They just have me on prednisone for now.

I would call your doctor. It’s possible that it’s PsA related, but I wouldn’t dwell on it. Also, make sure you move around when you sleep, staying on one side can cause your arm and hands to go numb. That’s why it’s bad to take sleeping pills long term.

This happened while I had been up for a couple of hours and drinking coffee.

Any numbness with PsA is typically prolonged as long as there is swelling and inflammation. If didn’t last long it might be something else. I’d at least notify your rhwumy’s nurse.

Put your arms out straight in front of you. Now bend at the elbow so your fingertips are facing each other. Move your hands together, fingers pointing down, backs of hand touching. Push the backs of your hands together for 15 seconds. Does the tingling/numbness return? If so, it could be carpal tunnel. I suggest this because it's the first thing my rheumy had me do when I complained of the exact same thing. I get the tingling/numbness when holding a mug of coffee, holding the steering wheel of my van (not good!!!), etc. Definitely worth a call to the doctor.

I will call my doctor on Friday.