Now a tooth abscess and anti-biotic concerns

If it is not one thing it is something else right now. First shingles, had to stay off Humira for three weeks. Started it back, now a tooth abscess. Dentist put me on clindamycin. Rhuemy says stop the Humira again for now, but doesn’t want me taking clindamycin because of the potential for C. Diff. But, he didn’t recommend what to take!

I have to pre-dose before all dental work due to an implant and the dentist says because of the Humira now too. What am I supposed to take? Anybody else have to pre-dose for dental work? And, what do you take? I have taken the clindamycin as a predose for several years now. Usually 4 300mg an hour before the dentist. Dentist put me on on t.i.d script for clindamycin right now for the abscess. (Root canal is in three days!)

I am going to bump up the probiotics for now, but could use some recommendations for pre-dosing. A Z-Pak says it is lower risk for C. Diff., but will it do the job???

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Oh @tamac what a mess. I’d be calling the rheumy back and demanding a better answer than “not that” which is really “not helpful”. Sorry for your troubles. You’ve had a run of bad luck lately. Keep holding on (while you call your doc back for better info)

This is not a good patch that you’re in. You could ask the rheumatologist or the dentist what they would recommend. I’m thinking the dentist for a substitution for the clindamycin. I wish you luck with the root canal.

Knock both their heads together to come up with a solution. It’s plainly ridiculous to leave you in this situation.

Well, in this case, the Rheumy is likely correct. BUT he should have offered an alternative or at least consulted with the dentist who should know better withimmuno suppressed patients. Had you presented in the ER FWIW you would have been prescribed metronidazole (Flagyl) with or without some form of penicillin. Clindamycin is one pill before dental procedure med. Dentists get lazy. Or least that’s what I remember from a while back. Incidentally, Flagyl is commonly used to treat cdiff…

Well my dentist was the most help. Rhuemy said let the dentist decided what was best for teeth. I will stop predossing with clindamycin and change to z-pak.

So I am back on the Humira now. Winter has set in in Tennessee. We had two weeks of fall. The cold weather is hitting the knees, feet and hands hard.


I’m glad that you were able to get this figured out.