No relief with anything for

OK, i am here typing one key at a time with a pen asking for help. I am finding nothing to help with hand and shoulder pain. I am not driving right now, 44 with three kids, because of the pain, throbbing, etc. With nothing short of cutting them off what is a gal to do?

4 anti inflamatories (still swelling)


gout medicine

antiinflamatory diet, lost 51 ibs so far but no relief..

pain patch

Have you tried heat or heating pad? You also need to call your doctor,maybe he can give you something for the pain. Sorry you are in such misery.....will be praying for you to feel better soon. HUGS!!

yes heating pad is my friend

It's my hands and feet the worst but I recently developed shoulder pain. I honestly didn't know it was a part of PsA. Doesn't he rheumatologist want to try methotrexate and then injections if that doesn't work? I am so sorry for your pain.

I have recently increased my methotrexate from 3 to 6 and injections did not work. It looks like I have tried everything.

It might be that, that failure (MTX) might be your golden ticket to the biologics. In the meant time have you tried voltarin type creams??? (I think I''ve post my compounder's recipe) FWIW I have a left over from an earlier age that really helps I have aprifen bath for my hands (actually I have one in my office, one in my shop, one in my "brewery/winery" and of course by the table. (I don't want trouble with my fork)

The other thing is that with PsA, it may NOT be your hands. Frequently it can be joints higher up that are inflamming the nerves. I have had luck with working out my shoulders and even upper back. One time I had my fingers locked around a carving gouge. The doc injected my shoulders and the hands released immediatly......

Never underestimate the

Would love to have the compound recipe

dicloflonec 5% DMSO 5% Lidocaine 5% in dermapro