New Rhumy

Well I went to my new Rhumy same results. I have PsA. I will be starting Embrel. The Rhumy was honest with me. Regardless if I get hip replacement, I will be crippled in 10 yrs or so. Big decision to make if Embrel works. I need a bunch of angel help.

Well, I would loan you my angel but she’s gone missing for several years now! Lol. So, sorry your second opinion didn’t go as you were hoping it would. Unfortunately we lost control of our bodies with frustrating and painful disease. I know you have been through a lot since your diagnosis (I read much more than I post). Your entire life has turned upside down in career, finances, and pain. Your story has been close to my heart. I support my whole family comfortably but have a highly physical job and it scares me everyday imagining how in 5-10 yrs I am going to be able to keep doing it. Honestly, the struggle to not have anxiety about it is more like everyday at times. Your post was brief so I am sure you are probably more devastated than you have let on. Hugs!
Enbrel is a good step glad to hear you taking it. Was Humera not working? I don’t think any are true miracles but when you have a chance to prolong the damage its worth the shot. I take Enbrel and have seen significant results in a rather short period of time, slow but steady. My father in law had HIV and he took every options he could and lived 10 yrs longer (functional and with quality) than docs predicted! Try not to wrap your head too much around an exact time frame to be crippled because they can not totally pin point those things. Remember its OK to react and we are happy to hear you vent. Hoping better times for you soon!

It's hard when they're so blunt, isn't it? I went to a hand surgeon recently and he was very clear that the injections in my fingers would help very little, and that my pain wouldn't get better until I am back on all of the necessary medications (I'm currently tapering off most things because we're trying for a little one). Enbrel worked for me, at least briefly, and it seems to do the trick for a great number of people. I hope it works relatively quickly for you, and that you can get some relief in between now and then!

Did your new rheumatologist have any explanation for your increased symptoms on Humira, like that it wasn't efficacious for you? That seemed like a rather tremendous flare.