New Rheumy

I'm in the process of trying to find a new rheumy. This is probably a long shot but are there any UK people on here who see Dr Rees in Ludlow / Hereford, Dr Dixie in Bridgnorth or Dr Garton at Agnes Hunt? Those are my 3 options. If so, and you can recommend one of them PsA wise, would you please send me a message? I hope this doesn't go against site rules, I'm not intending to discuss named consultants in the public forum.

Hi Sybil, it's only against site rules if you mention Doctors or Clinics names negatively, and I think the way you have asked the question (for a positive recommendation by PM) is a wonderful way of getting information. I hope there are some people who can help you out :)

Yes Jen that is my understanding too. You can't say bad things about Doctors or clinics by name. Positive recommendations are welcomed as I understand it.

Exactly my understanding.