New rash

Anyone familiar with this rash? As well as the tops of my feet, I have it on the insides of my wrist and heel of my hand.

Nothing new?

I don’t think I’ve had this rash before.

I have a cold (rhinovirus confirmed)- maybe its to do with that. But I’ve just finished Entocort, so maybe it’s just a random immune system thing caused by a rebound from coming off steroids. Bit itchy, raised tiny little lumps, just thought I’d see if it looks familiar to anyone. I’ve never had pustular psoriasis - but I kind of assumed its not that because it seems so mild. Please correct me if it is.

So funny, I posted that photo on my phone. Now on the big screen monitors in my office my foot looks hilarious for some reason :rofl:

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That’s funny. I will admit that I had what we ultimately think was pustular psoriasis on top of my foot. It was very itchy. Very. For me it started with a fever, then it broke out on top of my foot. I actually managed to scar my foot bc I couldn’t control my scratching. Ultimately it came back once, but I treated with topical steroids immediately, and it was less of a problem that time.
I think it’s been two years now, maybe three, since it’s happened.

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Hmm, maybe I’ll just put a steroid cream on it and see what happens. That will at least give me some information. I’m already taking antihistamines at night to minimise congestion from a virus, so apparently that’s having no effect.

Yes, everything I’ve read says very itchy for pustular psoriasis, so I think its very unlikely. I think maybe I had an outbreak of this just before onset, about 9 years ago. It was on the inside of my arms and pretty itchy, but all I got from the docs were shoulder shrugs and it eventually went away by itself, so I guess that will be the outcome this time too :crazy_face:

Around here it would assumed to be poison ivy. Seems like your whole system is run down. If it is psoriasis related, Protopic is a miracle ointment…but very potent stuff!

Thanks Amos, definitely not poison ivy! I was even sensible and wore shoes whilst mowing the lawn so can’t even blame the grass (besides which I’ve had it for two days and I only mowed the lawn yesterday).

Yes, pretty much everything seems to be glitching in my immune system at the moment, and that’s despite daily naps, good food, organic when I can, lots of good quality sleep, no smoking or alcohol, good medical care (including a bucket load of Stelara), lots of meditation, herbal tea, pretty much anything you can think of. I’m only 45 so I think I’ll return it on warranty :rofl:


Update - a couple of days after this post, I got extremely red, hot, swollen palms in the evening. Still very sick and too tired to do anything about them, I shoved moisturiser on them and went to bed. In the morning the redness was gone, but the skin on my palms was thickened, like I’d developed one big consistent callous across my whole palm.

A couple of days later, I see the Derm, and he is sure both of these are due to the virus. Then I get a visit from a friend, whose grandsons got a virus that gave him red palms and feet (but his feet swelled quite a bit and were sore), so he ended up in hospital for hours - and they decided it was a virus. So it seems COVID-19 is not the only weird virus around at the moment!

Another few days after that and my skin on my hands is peeling, a little tender, and super-itchy :confounded:

Meanwhile, I showed the Dermy what I thought was dermatitis on the sole of my foot, just to get my moneys worth, and he says “oh that’s a form of pustular psoriasis”. Classic.

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Have you had a Coronavirus test @Jen75? Or a recent one if a previous one was negative?

‘Cutaneous signs’ is down the page a bit.

Yes, I had the same thought process.

I had a coronavirus test. Not only was it negative, but it was positive for the same rhinovirus we have in the community at the moment. Add to that, my community (city of the Gold Coast) has had three positive people out of around 750,000 in the last three months, with luckily excellent testing, and I think the chances it was Covid are practically nil.

Also, I was sick, but not that sick, and I’m not old, but I’m a long way from a healthy young adult who may be asymptomatic :joy:. We had zero lung disease, so I don’t think it fits the pattern sufficiently enough. Certainly though, the first rash listed on that page you posted - the Morbilliform rash - that was a perfect description of it.


Haha, I see what you mean.