Neoral Medication for Psoriasis to replace mtx

Well, I am on a new journey now with Neoral capsules 100mg taking two HUGE horse pills twice a day. My Dermatologist is now referring me to a Reumy for my PsA and advised that the Reumy will most likely prescribe a more suitable medication for my PsA.. Although, he said, the Neoral may have a positive result on my PsA.

My experience with mtx was a disappointment due to a swollen upper lip that is still bothering me after 5 weeks off mtx. Apparently the side effects take longer to leave the body than the actually medication does. Other than that, mtx was definitely helping my PsA and even my skin was just beginning to show improvement after taking it for just 6 weeks. Shame I was allergic to it.

So this new medication will tide me over until I get to visit with the Reumy (takes 3 months to be referred)

In the meantime I am back to square one with my wobbly ankles and knees and sore hand joints and my persistent psoriasis - but knowing that I have attacked my disease early gives me great hope that I will be able to contain it and prevent it from damaging my body even further.

Hope all my fellow PsAs are having a good day and taking time out to spoil yourself with some wonderful non-active delight - such as; a good book, a great movie or simply a chance to lay about and watch the clouds go by.... it is a beautiful blue sky day here in New Zealand -I may just grab a tube of 50 plus sunscreen, hat and sunglasses and join the birds.

How interesting, KW! Not too many people around here take cyclosporine (Neoral). Let us know how it goes for you!
I’m having a good day here: I’ve made an escape to sunny California from the Great White North. I’ll have a water work out later, and then concentrate on laziness again. LOL
Nice to hear from you!

Hi Seenie..... You must be loving it in sunny California... My favorite walk was along the waterfront in Ventura... beautiful old wooden wharf (jetty) .. Yes.. will be interesting to see how the cyclosporine goes... my body does not like medication of any sort... including many vitamins...

Is a "water work out" a splash in the bathtub, a swim with the sharks, or a group exercise session in the local pool?


Oh, I love Ventura: in winter, California is my favourite of all the states. In summer, Vermont is a close contender! At the moment, we are in Palm Desert.

My water workout is an exercise routine devised by my physiotherapist. It has done me a load of good, and doing it in a warm outdoor pool surrounded by interesting vegetation and mountains in the background makes it all that much more enjoyable.

Your exercise routine sounds fantastic!! I have a couple of private - but very rocky, beaches on the property here... but it is the Pacific Ocean and water temp is pretty much the same as Ventura... cold ..... but you have inspired me .. so I might pop on down and do some floundering around in the cold pools when the tide is out...

You certainly "get about." I like Palm Desert too..... But I have always wanted to visit Vermont... I imagine a wonderful place in the autumn with red and yellow leaves, writers living down every street and inspiration flowing like waterfalls ...