Need Some Emotional Words of Wisdom

I decided to delete this for numerous reasons. Please ignore.

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When people say you don’t look sick they mean that in a good way… like saying people with brown skin are always so pretty… they just don’t get that what they’re saying sounds incredibly stupid to the person who hears it…

They don’t understand that when they tell me I look so much better with make up on (on a day when I managed to put on some eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara) they are really telling me that I look ugly without and should hide my face… There telling me I should hurt myself more in the morning to look better for them…

You should do what’s best for you! And ignore everyone else! Which is impossible for me to do… but it’s what everyone keeps telling me :wink:

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Not PsA related but there is a great little word called ‘no’. Or better still called ‘no thanks’. That sometimes helps set boundaries that you might need. Many years ago now I felt everything sucked from me and little gave to me. I of course learnt that first I must give to me before anything else could.

Years later I went to a talking therapist, a pyschotherapist. It was the best thing I ever did. That helped me understand me and so helped me deal with the rest of the world too. Indeed because of PsA I’m going to go back. Maybe you should consider that? Think of it as a gift to yourself. As that’s really what it is and it can be so good. Truly. x

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