Need a Laugh

Today there was a little snow on the ground,when I say a little I mean no more than an inch. But! As we drive down the street a group of kids threw a snowball at the car and hit it. I don't even know how they managed to make one. We forgot something and had to drive back. Don't you know they manage to throw another one... Now we have to pass them again. Yeah, so I managed to make my own and throw one back. but I missed Hahaha. we were cracking up as the kids were yelling at us.


Have a great day all :)

That's just awesome. When I've felt really evil, I'll stop my car. I've even tracked one into the house that they came from. But that was when it was clods of dirt thrown by ultra-orthodox Jews.

I remember throwing snowballs at cars (and always missing) when I was a kid. I would totally shoot my kids if I ever caught them doing it.

Love it!