It was so hot today Lance Armstrong tested positive for Snapple

New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg was seen drinking a Big Gulp

No shirt, no pants, no problem

my Reese peanut butter cups turned into Reese peanut butter shooters...I drank 'em anyway.

The next book should be called 50 shades of red

my sweat started sweating

The Devil was in Ace Hardware buying air conditioners

My change melted into a medallion in my purse.

I just seen an elderly woman walk through the sprinklers in the garden section at Target....

Its so hot today you could fry an egg on an ice cube

so hot that the Florida Marlins will be renamed "The Florida Humidity" so can say..Its not the "Heat" that is so bad, its the Humidity!

People with jeeps have their tops up and AC

Keeping Up With the Kardashians" is now called "Sweating with the Kardashians"

Snooki's baby made a statement that they weren't ready to come out yet until global warming was solved.

It's so hot I filled a kiddie pool with my sweat

even trumps hair won't go outside

a crackhead just tried to sell me a ceiling fan..

squirrels are pouring Gatorade on their nuts

I watched my dog pee from the window inside

that i made my scrambled eggs on the sidewalk

popsicles are melting in my freezer!!

that the Statue of Liberty has pit stains.

Aren't you the character! You and I could get into big trouble together! Thanks for the laugh, it cooled down to something like 88 here today! Real cold snap! LOL!!

ROFLMAO...I know, haven't had any alcohol, due to being on mtx for 17 yrs..... Look at the fun we could still have!

son lives in DC area, i called him, cause i heard storms, 70 mile winds coming..105 in DC.........for a week 100's....

we didn't get wind, damage,, and not much rain, the cornfields are hurting in Illinois....they need steroids!


ppl in the south say how can u take the cold on the joints, and i can't take the heat..see my dogs in the kiddie pool?

We are about 70 miles W of him, but in the country, we are like in the bottom of a low flat bowl, surrounded by MTs.and get terrific winds here, 40 mph winds are a light breeze to us! The storms are constant and murder on my bones! Always a challenge, ya know!?

tkrlady said:

It's hotter than a firecracker lit at both ends.

It's hotter than a $2 pistol on the Fourth of July.

It's hotter than a June bride in a feather bed.

It's hotter than Georgia asphalt.

It's hotter than high noon in Death Valley.

It's Africa hot

It's hotter than a hoot'n poot! (We don't know what that means, either.)

It's so hot the Popsicle timeframe is down to 20 seconds.

It's hotter than a steel playground at noon.

It's so hot that the trees are creeping around looking for shade.

It's so hot around the barn that the barnyard pimp won't even come out and check on his little chicks.

It's hotter than a hen laying eggs.

It's so hot outside it will make you return things you never stole.

It's so hot I could spit fire.

It's stupid hot!

It is hot enough to cure tobacco.

It's hotter than Paris Hilton's underpants.

It's hotter than the devil's underwear.

It's hotter than a pair of sweat pants full of barbecue.

It's another one of those aluminum foil sweater days.

It's hotter than the hinges of Hades.

It's hotter than a ginger mill in Hades.

It's hotter than seven hells out there.

It's hotter than the four sides of hell.

It's so hot that it makes me want to take off my skin and sit in my bones.


and we continue, with no rain!, drought....those powerful storms didn't get us..they hit the western burbs, they lost power for 5 days , in 100+ weather

my dogs would run away!

I would run away, except, I can no longer run! LOL!

but they have 4 legs!

Good point! LOL!

I suppose I would get banned if I mentioned I live on a mountain and it snowed behind the house last night or that our annual trek and overnight at Granite Park Chalet in Glacier Park is delayed (again) because they avalanche danger is too high on the trails.... (we like to go early as the Griz are down low, my old High school GF was mauled up there during the Night of the Grizzly, I was supposed to be on that trek but had to work at one of the lower lodges so had to cancel) sounds so exotic...exotic doesn't have to be on an island

I think we should all head up there!

SOmeone told me Iceland is cheap this time of year

cooled off to 87 and humid, i hate it!

easier to put more clothes on! in winter

Just Montana, not terribly exotic. BTW its expected to be 95 in Valley today (course it colled off into the fifties last night and will tonight too. Anyone comes give me a holler.....

50's at night?..perfect

looking forward to autumn, our best season

Live in Ireland so no heat

oh and its surprises there either..very

What I have seen of Montana is beautiful, can't imagine any part that isn't! 50 at night I can handle, don't need the A/C, I can even control the dampness if necessary! Snow is lovely to look at from afar, though as a kid, you couldn't keep me out of it!

Mauled by a bear is frightening, but anything can happen anywhere, so might as well live your life the way you want, right?

I bet Ireland is so beautiful!,,,and green!

Almost no AC for us for 9 days - but camping in New Hampshire, it wasn't too incredibly hot and got into the lower 60s at night. It's hotter here in CT than it was there.

Today I'm hating the AC - I've noticed I feel worse when it's on and don't want to move ... but it got too hot and humid when I turned it off. Ugh. I SO want to spend the rest of the Summer camping in NH!!!!