Nausea is this a symptom?

Hi is nausea a symptom of psa? I’m so tired and nauseous and every bone in my body hurts!
I was diagnosed a couple of years ago but haven’t really had any problems since until the past few weeks x


Not for me. But sometimes fatigue can cause nausea, or indeed it can be med induced nausea. What meds are you on? x

I’d say so. With a bad flare I’ve felt slightly nauseous round the clock … no appetite either. Are there other signs of flaring such as swollen joints?

Not swollen joints but very achy joints x

I’m on escitalopram and pregabalin for anxiety and depression
No meds for psa yet x

You mention you were diagnosed about 2 years ago but no meds yet. For whatever reason, many of us go untreated for some years. For me, that eventually led to a prolonged flare with many systemic symptoms in addition to joint-specific ones.

It sounds as if now might be the time to treat this thing …

I’ve used pregablin - found it useful but it can difficult to get off it. It’s a long slow tapering down process. But it served its purposes the year I was on it.

Just looked up escitalopram and the second side effect mentioned is nausea.

But if you were diagnosed a couple of years ago with PsA, how come you’re not on any meds for it? Untreated PsA is pretty difficult to tolerate, given its caused by an abnormal immune system which consequently causes havoc just about everywhere. Tiredness and fatigue issues being way up there along with pain, achy joints and difficulty in doing most things.

So I’d be with @Sybil in saying that most likely that could be the cause of the nausea.

But really you should go to your GP and discuss it and get back to your rheumatologist and get going with treating your PsA. Odds are if your PsA is more under control, the tiredness goes and then life gets a whole better.

I did really well on a DMARD called sulfasalazine for quite a while which gave me no side effects worth mentioning, just bright yellow wee. The difference I felt when obviously it was working was amazing. I was capable, energetic, and far happier on a day to day basis. That showed me and convinced me these meds for PsA really do the job. I felt so privileged to find such an inocuous drug worked so well for me. Sadly eventually my disease progression overtook its capabilities. But for lots of people their disease progression doesn’t do that. x

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Having experienced full-on PsA without meds I can honestly say that I felt as if I was being poisoned. Just as well that happened because I’m drug-averse by nature and would probably have attributed 50% of the PsA symptoms to drug side-effects without that gruesome experience beforehand. I now consider PsA inflammation to be toxic.

Don’t put up with what’s happening to you, please. Your body is telling you something and you need to find out what exactly is happening and take steps to move forward.

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