Newbie Question

Hello....I was diagnosed with PsA and Osteo back in May last year.....right before I moved. I just got a new Derm Psoriasis is out of control! I haven't gotten a new Rheum yet....

Is there fatigue associated with PsA or could something else be going on??

This disease process seems to wax and wane....I know stress plays a part but on that I don't really have much control....

Thanks Sybil! I'm sure your hat is safe! :) And nice to meet you!!

Yes, fatigue can often be a part of PsA. You would want to rule out other sources, such as meds, anemia, etc. But any symptoms that are concerning should definitely be mentioned to your doctor.

I'll tell you, fatigue is part of what lets me know how well my meds are working. For example, when I started taking leflunomide, my fatigue really went away. We had to cut back to half dosage, and my fatigue crept back in. Not as bad, but still reappeared. This is part of why we're considering a biologic. . . I'm still having a lot of fatigue as well as new and increased inflammation. I'm on two DMARDs and failed a third (MTX).

And it depends on your meds. There are those docs who won't pay a bit of attention to a fatigue cpmplaint especially if you are taking MTX or NSAIDS if you are not injesting 1 - 1.5 oz of water per pound of body weight. It foes make a huge difference.

Fatigue (and I mean f a t i g u e ) was a major symptom for me. It lifted for the first time in about 15 years when I started Enbrel.

From my experience fatigue is a big part of PsA. I'm sure some have it more than some other people. That doesn't mean there are not multiple factors contributing to any fatigue you may be having. Plus between the meds and the disease it's no wonder anyone would have fatigue.

You should talk to you doc about it. Maybe your GP can help a little until you get a new rheumy.

Thanks for all the replies! It's nice to know it's not all in my head! I am currently not on any meds except for topical stuff for the Psoriasis...I wasn't with the Rheum that diagnosed it long enough to start anything before I moved. The Derm wanted to start me on Humira but I thought it would be too expensive....and then I filled the topical!! Crazy expensive! I can't imagine trying to pay for all this without insurance!