Naturopath Visit

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I had an interesting meeting with a new naturopath today :). My other (lovely) naturopath had to take time away for family reasons, so he recommended this one (also lovely). He was so funny! And once he found out I am a naturopathy student he was happy to tell me all about the different herbs and supplements he was prescribing and took a picture of my iris and told me about it (iridology).

He said that the rings around the grey/blue/green parts my iris meant that I have had a lot of stress throughout my life that I haven't let go of (sounds like the psychic when she said that I have so much worry in me that if someone reached in and took it away I would crumble!). And that the wiggly fibers meant that I had a lot of worries on my mind. The ring around the middle represents my gut and that it is very out of whack, especially my stomach which apparently isn't digesting correctly (not enough stomach acid?).

My eyeball
He also let me peek in when he was making up the herbal extract mixture and let me smell the different extracts he put in ^__^ it was very exciting! *naturopathy-nerding out* It was great being able to talk to him and get a good idea of what he was prescribing and what autoimmune arthritis means in naturopathic terms. The only down side is that he wants me to go back off gluten *grumble* but i'll do it if it'll help.

good luck If you feel health again it will be worth it !melaniej