Nasdaq and our meds...Input needed!

I seem to be one of the few on Rinvoq. I stumbled across this bit of info and am in need of some thoughts from those of you with more experience. Please see this short article.

Well the whole lot is speculation, which at the end of the day is what Nasdaq is all about, right?

This paragraph seemed to sum it up to me;

“Some analysts are of the opinion that the FDA requested additional safety data on Rinvoq followed by extension of review period to verify whether Rinvoq shares risks similar to Xeljanz as well as other risks.”

So their opinion is that the FDA is being abundantly cautious - not that there is currently any evidence of anything (cause if there was - they’d have to announce it). Just seems like the FDA is being prudent to me.

Always worth a chat to your doc if it worries you.

Meanwhile, much of Australia is left in no-vaccine limbo-land because we only have a small number of Pfizer and now the only other vaccine, Astra-Zeneca is recommended only for over 50s. It’s a pretty big story so you can see why the FDA would want to be cautious about safety trials on rare events.

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