JAK Rinvoq News

I only found this article now but good info for Canadians especially. AbVie has only been good to me with consistent contact and generosity in paying either the full amount or helping far above my expectations.


Out of curiosity did you ever take Xeljanz? It’s the only other JAK inhibitor and I’m wondering Rinovoq is likely to work similarly since my Rheum has suggested moving to that one after it’s approved. Xeljanz did not work for me and may have cause some undesired side effects so I’m leery of moving off of what I’m on currently.

Glad it’s moving forward though! I need some new meds to try. Ha.

From what I have been told, Xeljanz is being replaced by Rinvoq. Rinvoq is the new kid on the block hoping to be the next “home-run” solution on the market as Xeljanz just isn’t the winner they hoped it to be. So, no, I was never on Xeljanz.

An excellent short video with JAK info and more. Philip Mease, MD: Upadacitinib Showing Promise Treating Psoriatic Arthritis - YouTube

Xeljanz worked exceptionally well for me then failed me. I’m not on Rinvoq and having all sorts of issues. Bottom line, Rinvoq isn’t working well and I will need to switch meds. The two meds may be too similar to use one after the other??

I don’t know for sure - but I’d think bc Xeljanz worked well for you at first Rinovoq had a shot at doing so as well.

I’ve achieved some relief from most TNF blockers for example, but not lasting relief.