Just wondering if anyone has been diagnosed with myositis and if so how did it relate to psoriatic arthritis. Thanks.

I had myositis which was just recently diagnosed as a reaction to statin use. My CPK level has been elevated ever since the first time I used a statin (2009-Lipitor) which was stopped almost immediately because I had so much muscle pain, and by mistake I was put on another statin (Crestor) in 2016 when I had heart problems. I’m currently starting p.t. to help strengthen my muscles and get my back in better shape.
There are all kinds of causes for myositis—it doesn’t help that we have an autoimmune disease!
If you’re on a statin, though, that can be a definite trigger!

Hey there Fatfinger

Welcome to our PsA clubhouse! We’re glad that you found us and we hope that you will like being here. We do! We’re a chatty and friendly bunch on the whole. I don’t know the answer to your question, but @tntlamb might. The other possibility is that what you feel as muscle pain is actually inflamed tendons, which is definitely PsA. Until I got on the right treatment, my muscles were excruciatingly achy too.

I was going to say that the only person that I can remember mentioning myositis is GrandmaJ, and I see she has already answered. Have you tried keying myositis into the search feature? (The magnifying glass, up and to the right of this.)

Ben’s friends is a large network and you might like to go look at our community. It works just like this one does.

All the best to you. Hang in there, Wendy, and hang out here!

Thanks! I don’t have muscle pain per se. My muscles, especially my upper arms are warm to the touch and swollen. I know what enthesitis feels like, have it in my left Achilles now and this is not that. I do not take any statin drugs, thank goodness I don’t have heart trouble. I could do the smart thing and call my doc…

Yes, it’s best you tell you doc because it usually takes telling them many times before they do something about it. Maybe ask for a CPK lab test. It will show if your muscles are weak or inflamed.

I did. Left a message and of course because it’s Friday, I won’t hear anything until Monday. I don’t feel right, I feel sick, so something is up. I hate not knowing what’s going on in my own body.

I’m so sorry you’re feeling poorly and hope you hear from your doctor soon. Wishing you the best.

Thanks :blush: