Muscle Pain

Was reading some discussion about muscle pain. My internist had mentioned a long time ago maybe I had fibromyalgia because my muscles would get sore for no good reason. My arms and shoulders would ache and the pain was scattered all over-tendons, muscles and joints. I really think the muscle pain is PsA too--not fibro-too many of us have that symptom! It seems to go along with the fatigue/weakness. For myself, I felt for a long time when I "just" had psoriasis, my psoriasis was inside of me because everything felt weirdly sore or tight or just "not right". Also, I'm noticing that since starting Enbrel last week, that"weird" feeling has diminished considerably.

I would tend to agree with you, J: I’m guessing that when ligaments and tendons are inflamed, it can feel an awful lot like the muscle itself being sore.

I don't tend to get muscle pain, but I get tiredness. As in my joints feel tired. I have a lot of joint laxity, so it comes as no surprise. The solution, though, is to build up the muscles around the joints through PT. It doesn't tighten up ligaments and tendons, but by strengthening the muscles, the joint stays in place better and gets less tired.

Sounds like possible enthesitis to me. It can occur in some of the same places as fibromyalgia. Enthesitis occurs more with people with spondy and typically doesn’t impact blood work. MRI is typically the weapon of choice.

It makes sense to me that if the tendons and ligaments are inflamed that the muscles might be too without having the confusion of a fibromyalgia diagnosis. The tendons are where the muscle is attached to the bone so it is all connected. Also when I over do I get muscle pain from hauling around these deformed joints!