My Health Baseline changes as time goes on.....does yours?

Good Morning....

I have been thinking about this changing health baseline for awhile.....trying to come to terms with the reality that as time goes by, my "normal" is in constant flux!!!! do I really have a "Normal Health Baseline" anymore? When I use this term, I know my "normal" is very broad....days, months, even years have shifted this term, up, down, back and forth !!!!!! First.....accepting the fact that when I wake up and start each day, I never know for sure what symptom/s will be be there or not be there....and then going on with the day. I find that there are times when I step back and think to myself..."I can't seem to keep up anymore" ....this is when I think my "normal health baseline" has changed. Do I accept this?....or do I hold on, hoping the baseline will change for the better. I tend to question this more when I am dealing with that overwhelming fatigue that can come into play and does not allow me to keep up, the way I would like to.

Does anyone else think about this constant shifting.....? If so, how do you deal with it......

Thank you !!!!

Your normal baseline is whats happening today. Its sort of like being perpetually stuck as teenager..................... Most of us do however as we get our treatment lined out moving the right direction reach what is often called around here "New Normal" I haven't been around here a lot of late being up to my eyeballs with some other projects for Bens friends, so a lot of you may not know who I am BUT the other reason was I reached a normal that I was pretty comfortable with (so long as I didn't compare to the old normal which would depress anyone) Frankly I just couldn't talk a lot about PsA. (maybe for fear of jinxing myself)

WELLLLL............... One think I can share with you is PsA can change THAT attitude in one H of a hurry. As I speak, I am on my seventh week of NO MEDS. I mean not even an ibuprofen. All because of PsA related surgeries (3) (all those previous years without meds) One of them was a pretty extensive nerve transposition and elbow rebuild.

Here is the thing. with a little more luck (its been three weeks since a post op infection) I'll be back on my meds next week. with a bit more they will pick up where they left off. Despite all of that, I was able to get back into PT this morning, the cast and stitches come out next mon or tues (its a 400 mile drive) I can as I type feel my body working towards that normal. The fact I moved three fingers last week I hadn't moved in years may be pushing that a bit.

You will learn your body and you will learn what those fluctuations mean. It just takes time.