This may seem like a silly question, but should I go and see my GP now I have my dignosis? My consultant gave me two steriod injections and said he wants to see me again in three months when he will settle on a treatment regime. But he didn't mention my GP and I didn't even think about it.

The Psoriasis on my head I was always told was plain eczema, and so it hasn't been dealt with for some time other than the odd prescription for some liquid to calm it down. Should I now go to my GP tell him what the diagnosis is and ask for treatment for my Psoriasis or should I wait to see my consultant? Will he deal with the Psoriasis as well as the PsA?

Sorry if this all seems confusing, but I'm confused! LOL. :)

Thanks in advance.

Hi there Coton Boy, the consultant usually writes to our referring GP to confirm the diagnosis and tell them what treatment you've had/are having. The rheumys don't usually get involved in treating the skin condition per se, although many of the PsA treatments will act on the skin. If your psoriasis is severe then you need to see a dermatologist as well ... this referral can be done either by the rheumy or your GP.

My GP is something of a dermatology expert so I'm happy that he deals with treating my skin. I'd suggest that your GP is probably the first port of call for you, he can get you going on an effective topical steroid to start reducing the skin inflammation and then hopefully once you get going on your long term joint treatment then that will also work to improve your skin (assuming it is a DMARD such as methotrexate or leflunomide ... if he suggests sulfasalazine you need to be aware that will not treat your psoriasis). You may well find it will improve a bit with the steroid shots you've had as well.

And don't worry about being confused. We've all been there. Just ask anything you need to know. No such thing as a silly question!

Thank you! Really reassures me. :)

I'm surprised you've got to wait 3 months to start a sustainable treatment regime for the PsA. I think I might be just a bit tempted to give them a ring and say "er .... could we bring this forward?" Because the drugs, which can help loads, are notoriously slow acting. I guess you have enough to think about right now and perhaps there's a reason for the delay, it just seems unusual.

To be honest I don't know what is normal for this or not. He said three months so I just nodded like a puppy and said thank you. LOL. :) I will see my GP when I am back from my break and see what he says (by then he should have heard from my Consultant).

I will ask about the time though. I wasn't sure if I should push it or not.

Thanks for all the advice.