My Dearest S

from my blog, rannygahoots:

My Dearest S,

I love you. I want you. I need you.

I lay in bed at night eagerly awaiting your embrace. I long for you.

Why do you tease me and then run off into the night, leaving me to toss and turn without you?

My dearest S, please come to me tonight and make my wildest fantasies come true.

I beg of you, stay with me for more than an hour or two. Take me fully and completely for hour upon hour until my body is done with your or one of the children wakes.

I lay here in bed awaiting your arrival. For the sake of my sanity, please, my beloved Sleep, I implore you: bless me with six or more uninterrupted hours and I will be eternally grateful.

All my love,

oh nym, you crack me up!

When you're finished your tryst with S, I want him BAD too