From my blog, rannygahoots:

Laying in bed, begging my body to allow me to sleep, inspiration struck. I had a phenomenal idea for a blog post. Sleep taunting me, yet unable to move, my mind conjured the best blog post in rannygahoots history.

It's about life.

It's about connectedness.

It's brilliant.

It's deep.

It's inspired.

It's gone.

Whatever it was that I came up with has vanished completely from the apparent void in between my ears.

Don't worry. All is not lost. Due to this most unfortunate turn of events, I have come up with the most genius of inventions - the ThoughtWriter 2013. This miraculous machine takes your thoughts and translates them into text as you think. Autosaving every five seconds, you're not apt to lose a single thought you think. Record your deep thoughts as you drift off to sleep! Wake up in the middle of the night remembering something of utmost importance? Fear not, the ThoughtWriter 2013 will record it instantaneously, allowing you to resume sleep in seconds. Suffer from brain-fog due to chronic illness, pregnancy, or living with too many children? No problem! The ThoughtWriter 2013 will keep you on track. No more will you walk into a room, not remember why you're there, and walk back out again. With a simple touch of a button the ThoughtWriter 2013 will replay the thought that brought you to the room in the first place.

Pre-orders now available at

Order now to lock in the low, low price of four installments of $39.95 plus shipping and handling. Orders will be shipped once someone actually figures out how to make such a contraption.

I'll take one!!!! hahahhaha Thanks for making me laugh tonight!

Wow, I'll put my order in for 3! Be sure to let us all know when they, it, comes in. Did I say 3? Oh yeah, that's what I said :) Thank you for the smiles!