Muscle dents

I have a guestion hopefully I can explain it right I have noticed in the past month that different parts on my body have dents in them for example my left arm upper part were the muscle is the arm looks funny like there is a dent and there is a knot in the middle that is very painfull my I have psa and fibro been in a real bad flare the past month now walk with a cane some days but this week I have been thinking about a walker cause the cane just not seem to be cutting it I hope how I explained it someone understands and did not know if anyone else has had this problem thank you all have a good day

I'm wondering if you have some partial tears in the tendons that could be causing this. It's definitely something to get looked, especially since you said it's symptomatic.

thank you I see my doctor in a few weeks I have read up on the psa and others that I have I know I have had many changes with my body and the deformalatis but the one on my upper arm is new and it looks strange