Mouth Sores

If you are like me, many of the DMARDs cause terrible sores inside and around the mouth. I found a site which proposes home remedies for this problem. Personally I have only tried one, swishing a solution of water and baking soda almost immediately solved all pain and in a short time the sores disappeared. YOu can also make a paste if the sore is external and you can get relief that way. Mouth Sore Remedies

Here is the site. Try some of these and let us know how they work for you.

Thanks for that info! Are you taking folic acid? It can prevent some of the methotrexate side effects including mouth sores. The typical dose is between 1-2mg, so you need an rx for that strength. The OTC bottles come with 800mcg. With the folic acid my side effects have been minimal.

Thanks for posting this ! I get sores in the corners of my mouth. Will try the baking soda treatment.

Excellent tip! I had some sores associated with MTX, even with taking 1mg folic acid per day. I'll have to keep this in mind.

I prefer Old Fashioned Colgate Toothpaste. (I forget what the ingredient is) However I have also learned to keep chewing gum handy. Every so often I get the urge to bite my cheeks. I have learned that is the sores coming on or maybe they are there) Less chewing the cheeks and more chewing the gum the better.

What I want to know is who said this is a rare side effect? It must have been someone to busy throwing up to notice. :-)

I used to use a carbolic mouth wash which had to be diluted and was ‘made up’ by the chemist. Ran out about a year ago and cant get anymore ( as it was my mothers and had been festering in the cupboard since the year dot it had probably been out lawed lol) but boy it was good! :slight_smile: