Mtx Side Effect Cuts on tongue

Had my 5th dose of Mtx today. This evening I felt a sore cut on my tongue, thought I bit it earlier or something. Just took a look and it seems I have these cracked like lines at the tip of my tongue. I know side effects and sores in the mouth are listed as one.

Could this be a side effect from the mtx? Should I be calling my Dr.

Anyone have this?

Hi there tb,

I don't get sores like that but sore red gums some weeks a day or so after my dosing. I've discussed it with my dentist, as he noticed a sore patch last time I had an appointment, and he said that these type of problems are quite normal on MTX and to make sure I was extra careful about mouth hygiene when taking MTX and to brush well even if it hurts (brushing brings tears to my eyes it's that sore)

If you are worried about it my take is to always get advice, at the very least it will stop you worrying :)

Good luck x

I didn't have that type, but I had small sores with the MTX, even with a high folic acid supplement.

I have what is called geographical tongue which is associated with psoriasis. look it up on wilipedia. i have patches where the skin comes off as well as areas that look like cuts . I have had it a month now. It even made my palate sore. I take a load of folic acid and have had the mtx sore mouth so I know this isn't that.