More doctors and only 17

Well, sulfasaline never even began to work. Finally got in touch with my doctor at his new office and boy was that hard. I told him that my mom thinks there is something more and he hates to think there is, but since none of the prescribed meds he is giving me aren't working he wants a neurologists insight. I was suppose to go on the 3rd but they changed that and now want to impend my school classes and put in on Monday the 7th. I guess we will see how this goes...

On the bright side graduation is less than 2 weeks away and my new life as a college student is in two months.

It strikes me that sulfasalazine not working is quite a common experience with PsA. It was one of 3 DMARDs I tried and although I usually respond quite well to drugs, I always felt I might as well have been drinking a glass of water as taking sulfasalazine, I just didn't notice any difference whatsoever, not even any side effects - zilch.

I'm quite surprised that this was tried rather than another biologic. Obviously you can't relay the whole story in one blog and I hope that the outcome of the neurology appointment is as good as possible. But do you know why the decision was made to kind of backtrack to a DMARD (sulfa) rather than another bio?

I am sure that whatever happens you have a wonderful life ahead of you.

My goodness, Morgan, what a GORGEOUS picture of you! Stunning. Too bad we don’t have a prize for “prettiest profile pic”.
Yes, I’m surprised too, that you’re trialling sulfasalazine after Humira: it tends to be one of the “lightweights” in the PsA fight. But I’ve heard that for some people it works, although I can’t bring anybody that I know to mind. Maybe your new rheum just wants to be sure that they’ve left no DMARD stone unturned.
Congratulations on your upcoming graduation and moving on to college. How exciting! I remember when you came here as a pretty confused tenth grader. Now look at you! You make us all proud.

Thank you very much! My rheum is actually still the same he just started his own practice and the online system wasn't working for awhile. I am not sure why he back tracked. It is becoming a little stressful lately because graduation is coming up in 16 days. Crazy I know! Then college and on top of that I changed my major. Missing school for appointments gets difficult but I know its necessary. Thankfully though, I haven't had to miss at all this year for pain because i'm in my determination stage to not let it over run me. Just hope a few answers are around the corner

We’re cheering for you, Morgan!

Congratulations and good luck at your appointment!

I get an MRI of my brain next Wednesday and I go see the neurologist next Friday to follow up. They are considered that I may have lupus and/or fibromyalgia. Many events in my last two weeks of school. We will get it right one day.

Good luck for your appointments, Morgan, I hope you get some answers. And most of all congratulations on your graduation, enjoy your last two weeks of school. I love the new pic as well.

You prolly will change majors a couple more times before its all done. That's normal. One great teacher and one fascinating class can change everything. Enjoy as many different classes as you can. College is to be savored. learning just to learn is the best thing there is. (for me anyway)

Congrats on your graduation. Be sure to do one thing for your parents if you can "walk" even this spring do it. Send out the invitations/announcements and etc. Its a great moment for Parents and Grand parents. Besides there is presents (well deserved BTW)

Any updates? Hope things are going well and graduation was the milestone it truly is!

Well school started about three weeks ago. I’ve had some ups and downs with anxiety. I’m getting a handle on that. With my PsA we have found that I have a gene mutation and also I am going to start injections.

Sounds like you’re on the right track. When you say injections I assume you will be going back to a biologic now? Congratulations hopefully it will help!