Monday is the day

So, after months and months of fighting to walk without pain I am going to have surgery on both of my feet on monday morning. The right foot will be an endoscopic plantar fasciia release, which my podiatrist assures me is very commonly done and affective. He has done it for rheumatoid arthritis patients who have plantar fasciitis and it has been successful. My PsA is attaching it so severely that I can hardly put pressure on it and it has affected my ankle and calf due to my abnormal gait.

The left foot is now permanently deformed due to this dam Psa, the 4th toe is subluxed and I can even bend it. The injury is in the MTP joint which he will repair also on Monday.

Recovery is 2-3 weeks minimal weight baring, but I fear my healing will be slow due to the PsA.

I just want to be able to exercise and walk without pain!

I have never been put under general anesthesia before, and never had a surgery, not even with the birth of my two kids. So I am somewhat nervous about the entire process. I am a nurse and worked in ICU previously so I am aware of all the risks with any surgery!

I don't like being the patient, much rather be the nurse.

My inlaws have been super supportive and are going to come help out and my Mom is flying in on Tuesday to stay with me for a month. I so happy to have loving supportive family.

Please pray for me if you do that. I need all the positive supportive energy I can get!


I wish you the best!