Methotrexate and antibiotics

Right now I am fine but knowing I do have chronic sinus infections and sometimes strep throat are you able to take antibiotics with methotrexate or do you have to stop it. I am on a low dose three pills, 2.5 each, one time a week.

Dear Rebel Mom,

I have not had any infections since starting meds for PsA about 9 months ago, but I did find this info that may answer your question. Best to discuss this with your Doctor.

Hope things are going well for you today,


Hi Rebel Mom,

As SK says, definitely best to discuss with your doc. There are a number of antibiotics that are safe to take with methotrexate, and your doc will be able to sort out if these are suitable for you, so don’t suffer waiting.

So far I’ve taken Noroxin and Malarone, and I have a stack of antbiotics sitting in my travel medical kit that are fine with methotrexate, so I’d really encourage you to go see your doc and get it sorted.

I take antibiotics all the time on MTX :)

Went to the doctor today to finish my part 2 physical and I had many questions. One of them was about the antibiotics use. According to him you can take antibiotics with MTX, he just pulls off the bios when he starts antibiotics. I also have a list of otc I can take while of MTX that could help fight something before it gets too big.

I am not on any bios yet.

Good luck to you, hope you feel better very soon!