Medical Assessments

I am now 46 and have been diagnosed with various forms of RA since I was 21, they eventually settled on Psoriatic RA 3 years ago (and it did finally make sense, as the symptoms ticked most of the boxes). The last 4 years have seen my symptoms go into overdrive (inflammation, fatigue and the subsequent depression), resulting in 2 lots of surgery to restructure both my shoulder joints. As a result of all of this (and the side effects from all the various medications), I have had to take 'early ill health retirement' (on the advice of work OH, my consultant and my GP), which even though I am not happy with this decision; it is ultimately the only rational one to make.

Despite all the clinical evidence to support this decision, I have now been through 3 different medicals to establish what level of disability benefits I can now claim. The end result has been very little financially, as on good days I can still walk over 100 meters, and do some things for myself (but always with a degree of pain). However, good days only account for about 30% of the time and do not take into account the unpredictable nature of the condition, or the fact that I am very strong willed to still do as much as I can for myself.

Has anyone else had a similar experience as me? And if so what were your outcomes?

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HI, i have no knowledge of getting disability, other than i can't get it, not enough credits.

Sorry about the shoulder surgeries. I was diagnosed with RA about your current age, but prob have had it longer, before diagnosed

I also try to be independant as i can, with a bad foot, after numerous major surgeries, i can still drive locally, only if i have proper shoes and orthotics. And if i didn't have the knees replaced, the left one was bone on bone.....I wouldn't be very mobile.

Now i got PSA too, i guess with one auto-immune disease, we are prone to others!

My mom had RA/Lupus, and she always said ATTITUDE is everything.

Take care

Thank you tkrlady, : )))