Has anyone had good luck with lyrica? I am on day two woke up vomiting no temp unsure if from this or not. I am currently on 3 cyclosporine tablets and day and humira shot every week plus Monica tramadol and percocet my feet joints are destroyed they are hoping to get my immune system settled before it further damages my fingers and wrists

Hi Msbrandi,

I have been on Lyrica for years, and it does help tremendously with my Sciatica. I am sensitive to meds and this has never caused nausea or vomiting. I went over the entire Lyrica site and did not see any of this mentioned, however that does not mean that it can't affect you in this manner.

I do not react well to Tramadol, and as for Codeine, I think I leave allergic and go into adverse reactions. I vomit up my toenails on that.

You may want to get in touch with your Pharmacist and Doctor, could be too much of a combination for your system.

Please be safe and well,


Hi Msbrandi,

I have been on Lyrica for years too. My only complaint is how much is costs. It does help my nerve pain in my spine and sciatica. Sorry to here you are not feeling well!!!

Lainee B.

Looks like it may be going generic next year.

Thank you all soo very much that was suppose to say mobic not Monica lol …dang auto correct. I believe I have touch of the flu. Very ill. You know for me one of the most frustrating things is…one minute I can feel great and the next like death swarmed over me sorry to be negative …I’m just frustrated today ;(


I can assure you that you are not alone with the ups and downs, and we do not feel that you are being negative. This is a very unpredictable, furstrating disease to deal with. Venting and complaining is what helps! I surely believe it makes it easier for the world to tolerate us when we can 'let it out' here!

I hope you feel better very soon!

Thank you Sooo very much. I feel so bad for my parents. They just want to fix things so bad. Its heartbreaking to look in there eyes. I have the best parents in the world unfortunately this is just one of those things that at this time can’t be fixed. I’m running out of steam to fight this thing but I’m holding on. Especially hoping that they can use my case to help others.

I know, it's tough when your folks are in better shape than you are, at least that is my story. My Mom is 80, did have a successful back surgery years ago, and once in a while has a back ache, but is in far better shape than I, takes no prescription meds at all! That is miraculous, but I know how she feels seeing me suffer. I know that some up coming Chiropractor appointments will help me feel better.

You are so very fortunate to have good parents for support, not everyone is so fortunate as you and I.

All of my grandkids have psoriasis, so I have agreed for Enbrel to contact me and ask questions on my progress, I want to be of help to others as well, and all the while hoping that the skin problem is the end of it with the little ones.

Stay strong, and hopefully the medicine will start to work for you. I know you get tired of the fight, just know that we are here to talk to, your folks sound like great support, and it sounds like you have a good Doctor. I think that once you kick this flu, things will be looking up for you, Brandi!

Sending you my very best,


Hi, what dose of Lyrica do you have?

Most docs prescribe 75mg..and it takes awhile to handle that dose..They do have it with 25 mg. I agree Lainee , the cost..I always asked my doc for samples. My co/pay was $75

I found when taking it at night, i got insomnia. I'm not on it anymore, but i know some doctors prescribe 2 75 mg a day,, and it takes some time to get used to this drug

I take 100mg. But, I built up to that gradually, and if you go off it, you must step it down and go off it gradually too. I've been on it for many years. They started me on Neurontin, which didn't do anything. Lyrica does help the nerve pain, and numbness in my feet. This is not from PsA, it's from the four levels I'm fused in my spine. (I've been fused for nearly 20 years and now am wearing out the discs above and below the original fusion.) I just don't want to do any more surgeries.....

I've never had bad side effects on Lyrica. 90 days of 100 mg pills just went up too. It was $121.00 for 90 days, now I just filled it and it was $147.00. (We have crummy insurance I have to pay the first $5k out of pocket before it kicks in). I've noticed a lot of prescriptions on the rise, has anyone else?

I’m feeling much better today!!! I did have loose stools with the vomiting so dont think was due to lyrica they did tell me to take at night because they said would make me sleepy but it doesn’t it also causes insomnia for me too.the dosage they have me on now is 50mg once a day for one week then twice a day for one week then 3 times a day for the rest of the time. I’m on week one right now

Hi Brandi,

Glad you are better today, I take 225 mg, 2-3 times a day, but I have bad sciatica, and have been told that is a mild dose!! But less is more when it comes to meds, if less helps, all the better for your body. I am hoping I can get to the point where Enbrel is all I need, I know that is high hopes, but have to have them.

I wish you continued success!


Glad u are building up the dose, like Lainee did. I did get a little unsteady on higher doses or nuerontin

Yes your right, some don't get the insomnia

good luck with this med!

Thank you very much. I’m soo very touched by all of your support. I dont know anyone with this disease and sometimes it feels like I’m going nuts…two steps forward one step latest vomiting episode now means I have to meet with my pcp for clearance before deem will proceed with my humira shot. I absolutely adore my pcp and my deem dr. Both are the best very supportive. Treat you like there family. I’m extremely thankful for that it took me years to find a good combo.once again thank you all for your response and kind words