Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Looking for people my age to relate with

I am 28 and have been dealing with this "issue" for about four years until recently <FINALLY> being diagnosed in July of this year. I don't know anyone in person with PsA, and I am new to support groups of any kind. I am hoping to connect with people in their 20's or 30's.

hey whats up.
im recently turned 30 and have been fighting this battle for awhile. ive always kept it to myself because i didnt know many other people who suffered from PA but in todays age its becoming more and more common. I like you are trying the support group idea to connect with others. Shoot me a line sometimes and lets chat.

I just turned 35 and was officially diagnosed about 3 yrs ago

it sucks and I want it to go away-I want the normal life of a 35 yr old. My mother who is 55 has PsA and RA--so I at least have someone to relate to, and another close friend of mine had juvenile ra (she's 35 now too) so we commiserate quite a bit about the fatigue, the energy bank, the sheer lack of motivation to do anything b/c you know how exhausted you'll be the next day or the next 2-3 days depending on the activity. I'm tired of living in pain. I've tried 3 biologics, several dmards, creams, I can't take anti-inflammitories (I have an ulcer as well--probably from taking too much ibu for minor aches and pains before I realized it was PSA) I work a desk job and sit on a heating pad for 7 hrs a day. :/

hit me up if you want to chat, but I wouldn't discount listening to some of the "older" people --they might have been going through this since their 20s=30s and have seen more than we could ever imagine. Don't take the knowledge for granted

Thats true! Age is only a number!

Nana L said:

Hi Medic chick86, sorry you have PsA but very pleased that you have been diagnosed. I'm not in my 20's or 30's anymore but I have friends of all ages and a lot of my close friends are in their 20's from working with them and developing a close bond. I can appreciate why you want to share your experiences with somone your age but also it could be good for you to discuss things with some lovely people on here that may help you in different ways. Plus time goes that fast, most of us are still young if you get me :)