Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Is anyone here still? If not- I am

There hasn’t been a post for “young fighters” in a while. I just wanted to create a post for any other young fighters that are still here or are just stumbling across these discussions like I am. I am 20 years old (turning 21 in 2 weeks!) and I am available to chat any time for anyone who is young and struggling with PsA. I am only a year into my diagnosis and I still have a LOT to work out but I don’t believe we should be battling this alone, I understand how hard it is to be struggling all while being so young.
I finished my 2 year associates degree, but I struggled immensely my last semester and had to graduate “late” and didn’t get grades I am not particularly proud of. PsA took over my body and my life very rapidly during my last semester, I hardly even understood what was going on so it was hard for me to explain to my professors and advisor what was going on and why my grades were slipping and why I had to drop classes. It was hard, it is still hard, it might always be hard, but I am here and willing to support where I can. The other lovely people in this support group are great to talk to as well, but being young, it’s different. Not everyone was diagnosed as early as we have been.


I’ll definitely have to keep you in mind for my daughter. Things are currently quiet for her, but with both parents with psoriatic arthritis, and some early signs, it’s on the horizon for her too.


I’m not young, but also always available for a chat.
It’s hard to come to terms with this disease. And I won’t bore you with the usual pep talk you probably have received along the way!
Mind yourself