Like the good old days

I woke tonight because of the groin pain that started earlier this evening has gotten a lot worse. This is the type of pain that I had when it all started (well when it was bad enough for me to do something about it).

It’s kind of funny because before I would’ve been quite upset about it, but now I just want someone to chat too because it’s 330 am and what am I supposed to do right now?? LOL.

Darn, Meg. I was awake for a while around that time. Wish I had logged on: we could have had a chat.

Groin … could that be your hip joint? Or is it more like muscles and ligaments? Aren’t the good old days grand? NOT

Seenie, I’m not sure what it is exactly, if it’s my hip or sacrioliac or tendons but man did it ache! It’s where I first felt pain in my lower back region. All I know is it’s a pain in te butt!! LOL

Sybil, I was able to get back to sleep and slept in a little today. I do think I can handle things a lot better now than when things first started to go bad. I’m pretty grateful that I can look on the bright side, or at least humerous side of things now :slight_smile:

I wish there was some way of fixing that so it never came back. Just when you think all's good and you attempt to move and lift like before, it comes back to remind you how frail your back is and how careful you must always be. I feel like I'll never learn!