Anyone in UK been given low dose Naltrexone (LDN)?

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I had asked my rheumy about it and she was very against it. The main issue is that it does nothing for disease control, and just works on pain. The damage will still continue even if you are in less pain.

In all fairness, I have suffered for over 30 years and not got that much joint damage, they have tried me with Methotrexate, the evil stuff, unfortunately I was unable to tolerate it, so for several years I have had no medication at all.

Flo, you are so fortunate not to have had bad damage! I probably don’t need to tell you that, do I? Has your doctor recommended that you try LDN?

No, I am due to see Consultant tomorrow for my review and I have been doing my own research and think it is worth a try. Not sure if it is available on NHS for PsA in UK, as Mtx seems to be the gold standard treatment offered. Not having such joint damage in 30 odd years, I know I am very fortunate, so I feel at nearly 60 I should be entitled to try LDN and at least have some pain relief. At times over the years I have suffered but other times its just disappeared and you just get used to living with it. My hubbie has recently benn diagnosed and started on the Mtx, it makes him very dizzy and has had 3 falls in 3 weeks, not a good mixture for him as he is Epilep TT ic anyway. I also have Under active Thyroid so LDN may help that too, as Auto Immune as is Psoriasis and PsA.