Methotrexate studies

I found several articles that said that methotrexate did not stop the disease from damaging joints in PsA patients. It said the pts felt better, but it did not slow down the disease. Has anyone read these? And what are your thoughts about it? These are links to two of the articles:


Oh I see that this has been a discussion before.

It is quite interesting. I’m on leflunomide, which HAS been proven to work better than MTX.

Thanks Stoney...........unfortunately I'm still having to jump through hoops in the NHS treatment escalation here in the Uk, Its all evidence for me to present to my rheumatologist in May :)

My rheumy presented leflunomide as an equivalent level to MTX. I don't know if it would be considered the same in the UK.

Yep that’s the most likely DMARD to be moved on to next, have to fail 2 before biologics

I have been on MTX for 5 years. All it helps with is inflamation.When I am off it my Sed rate climbs to the stratosphere.

I’m seeing the new Rheumy tomorrow. They had a cancellation. I’ll see what he says! I am doing much better than last Thursday night, but if I were still in that same place of pain, I wouldn’t be able to drive to see him. Hope he believes what I and my primary care doc. says. I still don’t have diagnosis. My p.c. doc. said he knows its not osteoarthritis but its not fitting any clear pattern. Phfffpppp! Really, that’s what PsA is!