What have other people done to reduce knee involvement or cope with it once it has set in? Both of my knees are super inflamed, the pain is impacting my sleep and ability to focus in a major way, and it's making it hard for me to get around, especially when one or the other gets so painful I can't walk on them. I didn't realize how much they did until the inflammation really set in!

Ugh. Knees. Before I was diagnosed, my knee issues were written off to osteoarthritis. I tried everything – gels, OTC meds, heat, cold, anti-inflammatories. Exercise (strengthening the muscles around the joint) was very helpful. Sometimes I’d put a brace on them. But still they got worse, and finally they were replaced. Several years later I was diagnosed and the rheumie said that the knee issues most likely had been due to PsA.
Have you got yourself on another biologic yet?

Seenie- I started the Cimzia almost two weeks ago, second dose will be Friday if the insurance has finished looking it over. I had a bit of a site reaction, but otherwise nothing good or bad has come of it. My fatigue waned a bit for a couple of days, but it's getting near as bad as it's been- correlating with the now quite visible disease activity, of course.

Sybil- I had a steroid shot in the right knee, which helped me get moving again, but it's since migrated more to the left. I have an appointment with my rheumatologist next week, and will ask about getting my other knee a steroid shot. I am sure it's too soon for the right to have another.

Thanks for the tips! PT and exercise have helped with my hip, but my knees are stubbornly refusing to get better.

Oh, I forgot about the shots! (I must be suppressing the memories!) I had both steroids and viscosupplementation, and both helped. When the shots quit helping, I knew that there was only one alternative left.
I remember loving the shot itself’: because there’s an anaesthetic mixed in with the steroid, I got immediate relief. Aaaaahhhhh…only lasted a few hours, but it was so welcome.