Keeping it in the family

So Seenie has just mentioned that her sister has started with a few possible symptoms.

I know there’s a few of us with different experiences - my sister has obvious symptoms, but also enough anxiety (and other associated) that directing her here may be counter productive.

So, has anyone had success with a family member who has had either ostrich syndrome, or strong anxiety (which can result in ostrich syndrome).

In short, if they don’t want help, is there a few ways people have found fun, effective, and not negative, in terms of obtaining treatment.

This is a great question! I'm looking forward to reading responses.

My sister sees a rheumy for fibromyalgia. On x-ray there is no damage, and there is no inflammation. My sister is mentally ill, and tends to be a hypochondriac. Unless there was something obscenely obvious, I would never bring it up. My mom is looking at a possible diagnosis of PsA as well, but we would probably never bring that up with my sister either.

My sister has been having medical issues for the past few years. It's like looking at myself many years back. Her symptoms are very similar to mine and she has had similar test results. I have recommended she see's a rheumatologist however like me back in the day, she deals with the flares, seeks medical attention at the moment and then when the pain subsides carries on with life.

For me that worked for several years, however there came a point of no return. I have given her advice along with the name of my rheumatologist and recommended she makes an appointment to see her. It's up to her to take the next step and I guess like me...she will when she can no longer cope on her own.

LOL, I’ve obviously been asleep at the switch – it has taken me a month to find this thread! My sister sounds like yours, TaraLynn, and like you, I’ve tried to encourage her to get an opinion.
When I was at the research clinic last week, I had to answer a gazillion questions about the health status of not only me, but my parents and my sister. The doc asked whether my Mother had psoriasis or arthritis. She’d never been diagnosed, but when I described her many symptoms, the doc said “We’ll just check the “yes” box.” And then questions about my sister. Of course, I described her complaints and commented that I thought my sister was firmly in denial. Doctor recorded that as “suspected”.
Still, sister brushes me off with “ya ya I know …” but I have a feeling that one day she will ask for a referral. I hope it is before she gets her first bad flare.

My sister has what I suspect are symptoms of autoimmune disease of some sort, but she is so full of untreated anxiety, fear of mainstream medicine (dr's, hospitals, etc), and is a hypochondriac, that it's pointless to suggest anything without ramping up her issues.