Anyone diagnosed pre-psoriasis w/ PsA with a family history of PsA?

My daughter is 19 and has been experiencing achy stiff joints for about 8 months now. Her fingers started really hurting and her knuckles are super swollen. I got her in to see my rheumy this summer while she was home from college. He diagnosed her with Fibromyalgia. I’m not convinced that she doesn’t have PsA. I’m not wishing this disease on her but just concerned about misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis and the implications to her future health. She’s had a few very small patches of itchy scaly skin. But currently she is itchy all over.

He put her on Cymbalta and Neurontin in July. The itching is a new symptom. She also has had a severe acne break out. Anyone on these drugs with similar experiences?

It breaks my heart to think that I passed my bad genes to her.

She has swollen joints but was diagnosed with fibromyalgia? That doesn’t make sense. I would get her a second opinion. In the meantime, keep track of symptoms, and maybe keep photos of swollen joints as well.

I worry about my daughter too. But as long as she doesn’t have any hot or swollen joints, I don’t worry too much.

The fact that PsA is 'in the genes' is a bitter pill to swallow. For various reasons that has been bugging me lately. The few times my grown-up kids have had back pain or any kind of joint problems I've had to take a deep breath and tell them to let the doctor know about the family history while trying to sound very matter of fact and un-worried.

However there's also the reality that many, many people with a PsA diagnosis are probably feeling so well overall that they do not come here to remind us that the disease can be minimal, especially with early effective treatment. I think you are right to question your daughter's diagnosis, given that you have the disease. Even if she does not have it, you are well-placed to spot symptoms that may need further investigation just in case. It might be a good idea to get photos of the scaly patches and of any swelling too. And to calmly suggest to her that she should pursue the matter further with her rheumatologist.

I hope things go well whatever the outcome. Difficult time for both of you. Let us know what happens.

Oh, now that I think about it, my mother was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis based on my own history with it and her joint damage. She has no psoriasis, but her nails (I think) look like they have classic damage.

I would get her a second opinion. My mom has PsA. She got it in her 40s. I was diagnosed with it almost 2 years ago. I was only 25 when i was diagnosed. My rheumy told me it can be genetic. I would definitely get a second opinion.


My mother has PsA and so did my grandma. I've just found out my mum's cousin has it too (so my grandma's sister's daughter). Looks like it's down the female line in my family. The worst thing was watching my mother and grandma get steadily more disabled and having an inkling I'd be getting it too :-(

You know this, but it's important to get a quick diagnosis and quick treatment to minimise the damage. Hope it all goes well for you and your daughter.