Keep on movin' on!

I’m so sick of feeling sick & tired. The pain, the exhaustion, the lack of sleep. I refuse to let this rob my life.

I had a wonderful weekend. My wife & I took our son to the zoo for the first time and had a wonderful time. Thank The Lord the weather is starting to get warmer. Took my dog on two short walks today & we both had fun…wore him out! I got a ton of chores done that I’ve let go lately…swept floors, shampooed carpets, vacuumed the car out, did some laundry, organized a closet and our furnace room. I did this all in really bad pain, limping, & taking percocets to get through it…but it was great to do it all.

Screw you PSA…I win today!

Good JOB. Thats only attude to have!!!!!!!