Just had my first injection of Enbrel

So today was finally the day. I had watched more than a few youtube videos to prepare me for the injection. Some people it seemed to not bother, but for the majority I saw, they said it hurt, and that was obvious when seeing the expressions on their face when getting the injection.

So walking into my Rheumatologist office today, I already figured I was in for a small treat. Let me just make one thing clear about me first…..

I gave birth to 2 children, naturally and with difficulty.

I have broken a tailbone (more than once)

I take shots like a champ

I have numerous tattoos

I have had a few piercings in my day

I eat cortisone shots like they were for breakfast (don't get me wrong they are VERY unpleasant)

I was hit by a car when I was younger on a bike and had to have a bicycle chain and rock removed from my knee

Now where am I going with this? I am a pretty tough chick. The doctors usually say I am a great patient because I really don't complain as they poke and prod. I can take pain, I don't like it, but I can take it in rather large doses when necessary.

So with said, today I had my first shot of Enbrel ( my Rheumatologists nurse did the injection ).

THAT SH*T HURT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( sorry for the language )

I didn't cry out like I seen some do, but I did flinch a little. I had to send my mind elsewhere for that 20 seconds. She did it in my right upper / outer thigh area.

What it basically felt like for me was, someone taking a burning cigarette and putting it out on my thigh for 20 seconds. honest to God.

What is going to suck, is doing it by myself next week. Not because the needle bothers me, cuz I could care less. It's because I know what to expect from the liquid fire. lol …… Maybe she hit a vein in the leg ? Who knows. It's been 3 hours since I had it done, and I feel bruised all though nothing is there to see. The nurse told me that the level of pain I feel from the injection correlates to how much acid my blood has? No clue. Never heard that before. Never had an issue with any shots before. So this was new.

I do know that I have an overwhelming sense of tiredness that has swept over me quickly and I can hardly stand to hold me eyes open much longer. I have parent / teacher conferences to get to tonight, but I must nap first or I will never make it.

That sums up my first ever experience with Enbrel. Ta Ta for now !

So, when you get to do it at home, leave the darned thing on the counter int he kitchen for a while. Let it warm up to room temperature. It _really_ helps take out some of the sting. Also, if you can bear to give yourself a real shot, switch to the pre-filled syringe. It is WAY better than the auto inject pen. Just my 2 cents!! Awfully glad you survived to tell the tale ;)

Yaaay, Jen … you’re on your way. Sorry it hurt like a you-know-what. Next week, tuck the injector into your armpit while you get the alcohol swab and get organized. Much better! And as it stings, think of all the positive things that the Enbrel is going to do inside you. After a few shots, the positive associations will make it all a bit easier.

Try different spots. I have a little patch of fat at the top of my tush that I use. It’s a little aakwRd getting the angle down. But it’s the least tender spot. If you use your abdomen, make sure you find a smooth soot with not stretch marks.

I was on Humira and Simponi, the pain is from the cold medicine. Leave your Enbrel out for thirty minutes before you take the shot...you will see a big difference.

Really sorry that it was so bad for you!! So glad I hadn't seen this post before my first injection. :) I gave myself my first injection on Thursday. Luckily, they gave me the auto injectors so I don't have to see the needle. It was pretty much pain free and I was so relieved. I did let the pen sit out for half an hour to come to room temperature first.