Just because you test negative for celiac doesnt mean you are not gluten intolerant

Hello again

Loved seeing Daveaus has been travelling similar routes to me. Thank you for responding to my blog post ! Just wanted to say a couple of things and give a couple more places where I have found good ideas which have helped me in my quest ! Ps Im still ok today after three glasses of red last night- not that I recommend that until you have really healed the gut , and then not often !

Firstly there are some people who think gluten is a major problem for a lot of people, gentically. The responses to it are very complex, and celiac is just one. The research is in its infancy, but I am sure it is implicated in a lot of things, IBS, auto immune thryroid , etc. Gliadin, and the peptides that are created during the process of digesting it, is one of the wheat proteins, but there are many other grain proteins that sensitives have problems with . Some resources I used were Dangerous Grains by Drs Jon Hoggan and James Daley, and lots of very pertinent essays /studies on 'greenmedinfo' - a useful site which explores a lot of the problems with wheat - I just typed in WGA for wheat germ agglutinate, and gliadin in its search engine and got reading. Other helpful places on Gluten were the you tube lectures of Dr Peter Osborne, who looks at these issues and explores some interstesting symptoms which may be related. I believe there are connections too - like now I have reduced my inflammation , my psoriasis is almost completely gone, and certainly is not at all inflamed, the pimply upper arm thing , Dr Osborne calls folliculitis, the bloatedness, improved sleep etc. Dry eyes, bleeding gums, massively improved taste and smell, even the health of my eyes noticed by my optician.

so reading about the complexity of responses to gluten and seeing that a negative response to a celiac test , which I have had, just means you are not a celiac with a specific response in the villi tested, not that you don't have a problem with gluten and other proteins.

The best way is to eliminate all grains period. Hyperlipid has a good blog post called the toxicity of wheat, Cooling Inflammation talks a bit about gluten, as does dr Jack Kruse, who is a bit wacky, but got some good principles for healing the gut in his epi diet protocol. Prof Ayers in his cooling inflammation blog has some thoughtful interpretation of the biochemistry and some dietary principles worth looking at. You need to think of carbohydrate metabolism as well as gut bacteria and reduce carbs to feel well. I will say no more, but check out some of my sources of my ideas x