Celiac anyone?

Is anyone else here celiac ? I have been celiac for about 10 years....really didn't need this on top of everything else - diet modifications AND activity modifications?!?!? It probably helps me cope a little better...if somewhat reluctantly ! Stupid autoimmune conditions......!

I was diagnosed late last year with celiac. I've been gluten-free since December 2011. Being gf seems to have reduced my inflammation somewhat, my gi symptoms are vastly improved, and I seem to be able to cope better with life. I have PsA, AS, hypothyroidism, celiac, simple fatty liver, and pre-diabetes. All but the hypothyroidism were diagnosed last year - that's a lot to deal with in a year!!!

Wrapping my mind around diet modifications, lifestyle modifications, activity modifications, etc. has been quite a journey.

I am going for a gastroscopy in a couple of days - my sister has been diagnosed coeliac for years, and for many years I cooked for her! Trust me when I say that catering for coeliac is challenging and inconvenient, but not near so much as the pain and disability of aggressive PsA - so at least you’ve done the hardest thing first! I do understand your frustration with the cascade of autoimmune disease though, I’m hoping mine doesn’t turn into a waterfall.

You are welcome to message me if you want some simple recipes and info to start, there is plenty online, but it takes a bit of wading through. Be particularly cautious of naturopathic versions, and ‘low gluten’ or even ‘gluten free’ recipes that are not endorsed by a coeliac society, until you are familiar with what is truly gluten free. There are many people who are gluten intolerant, who can still ingest far more than coeliacs can without noticing. There’s been a few recent studies on the actual level of gluten that causes harm, and though it’s not likely (but possible), in most countries if you actually ate an entire 500g bag of gluten free pasta in one day, that would exceed the threshold most coeliacs react to.

On a positive note, I’ve read that many PsA patients who find out they are coeliac can reduce their symptoms through diet. I guess I’m hoping so - I have a patchwork history with my bowel (and as a result, mild coeliac symptoms would just seem to be a part of life for me), but I wouldn’t be letting someone shove a tube down my throat unless it might make a difference.

But then again, Beer is so nice, so I won’t exactly be unhappy if mine comes back negative!

We have a beautiful lake north of us called Seeley. I mention this only because my favorite little micro brewery makes a great little brew called Seeley Axe White. It is gluten free. I'm sure there are others out there but be careful before buhing as some taste like fizzy saki. I'm sure I could find a way to ship a growler or two. I think OZ might be a stretch, but I'm guessing there is an oatmeal IPA somewhere in OZ that would be GF.

But yes there is a growing connection between the Gut and PsA. Wheter or not Gluten is the hot thing right now, it has never been good for us.

JC, I feel for you, not because I'm Italian, but because grew up on a Durham farm. Actually The quinnona pasta are pretty good, and once you learn to make lasagna in the crock pot, you'll never go back.

Talk to me about gf lasagna in a crockpot! Pretty please?

My lasagna problem is that my mom learned to make lasagna (including sauce from scratch) from our Italian landlady when I was little and she has no measurements for anything, so can't give me the recipe - and I haven't found one that lives up to my mom's!!!

Crock pot lasagna is made just like regular lasagna. You use oven ready noodles instead. They are dry and you DO NOT pre-cook them. They are pretty common in the GF section. (If you use regular pre-boiled noodles you get mush) After 6 - 8 hour at low, It really gives everything a lot of flavor INCLUDING the noodles. The best part of lasagna to me is leftovers as they really seem to have more flavor, this way we get 'em to begin with.

Now I do add a little extra sauce, and blend a little Fontina with the Ricotta (or cottage cheese)

Thanks!!! I'll have to try it soon - I have some of those lasagna noodles in my pantry.

I got so distracted by the thought of crockpot lasagna (I'm a bit of a crockpot addict!) I forgot what the original point of this post is .... *puts bag over head*

Its a nasty disease Nym, but if a conversation about it amongst those with it can't be derailed to food, sex, or liquor, then its worse than we even think.......

I totally agree tntlamb, and on that note, thanks for the tip about the GF free beer. Going to be some of the most expensive beer in the world by the time I ship it here! (I just shipped some rocks about the same weight as a carton from Africa to here and it cost over $1,200).

Turns out I’m not celiac though, instead I’ve had symptoms (since I had a bit of bowel cut out of me when I was 16, for a never diagnosed “infection”) that I learnt to ignore. They’ve mysteriously dissappeared on MTX. Good that they’ve dissappeared, bad that the most likely dx That I can determine is mild Crohns. I haven’t even bothered to discuss that one with the Rhuemy, and I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it (hopefully never).

In the meantime, I’m enjoying beer!!! :slight_smile: (more than 72 hours after my MTX dose).

You may not need to ship, I have buddy over there who tells me You can Schitzer Brau or Obriens (he says Schnitzer is the best) both are gluten free.

Try danmurphys.com

Thanks tntlamb, will give it a go, have to go straight past Dan Murphy’s to get to my in-laws place (and they are always fun to have a beer with :slight_smile:

LOL Lamb!!!

One of the things I've realized with autoimmune diseases is that many people don't have just one. My gastroenterologist, during the year I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, celiac, and PsA, joked that I was really didn't have to be an overachiever.

We may have more than one, BUT it seems if we treat one the rest seem to pay attention.

Wat is celiac?

This made me laugh out loud! I think I may have a gluten issue as well. Great thread. Spaghetti squash has been a good noodle substitute for me and you can put almost any kind of sauce on it.

tntlamb said:

Its a nasty disease Nym, but if a conversation about it amongst those with it can't be derailed to food, sex, or liquor, then its worse than we even think.......

Gluten intolerance. My dad had it. He never followed the gluten-free diet like his Dr told him to. He probably would have lived a lot longer (he died at 82 and his family had longevity-most lived til late 90s and even 100). His intestines got so bad he eventually had colon cancer. I tried a gluten free diet for 6 weeks a couple years ago in hopes that it would cure my PsA. It didn't, but it really isn't that difficult a diet to do. One thing I liked about it was I had the healthiest BMs ever!

Shanon Porter said:

Wat is celiac?